• RENT a car in Corfu. NO PREPAYMENT needed!
in case of emergency


1. Before you come to our island:

Mobile phone. Make sure it works abroad.

When booking a car, enter the code of your country before entering the phone number itself.

Always carry your passport, ID card, and driver’s license.


2. Before renting your car:

Compare prices in different companies on our island, check hidden costs. In most companies, the price of a car with minimal insurance conditions.

Check your car insurance terms carefully. Find out what is included and what the additional costs are in each offer.

Check the cost of all services offered by the company for an additional fee: child seats, GPS navigator, the second driver, etc.

Be sure to inform the company about your child’s age, as there may be differences in some countries.


3. Upon receipt of your rental car:

Check that the car is in good condition, look for the spare tire, check that the contract includes full insurance and that all the nuances of insurance are taken into account.

When registering a lease, present your passport and driver’s license to the company representative, and also do not forget to indicate your phone number.

Make sure that a company representative has informed you what fuel the vehicle you are using.

Check the fuel level in the car, as you must return the car with the same fuel level as you received.

Make sure that the contract indicates the exact place of receipt of the car and the exact time and place of delivery of the car.


4. During your trip in a rented car:

Follow all traffic rules; in the event of an accident as a result of a violation of the rules of the road, insurance does not cover you.

Refrain from drunk driving; in the event of a drunk accident, insurance does not cover you.

Only put the children in the back seat or the child seat and make sure they are fastened with seat belts.


5. Your actions in the event of an accident:

Be calm and don’t panic.

Inform the car rental company about the incident and tell them your exact location.

If someone is injured, give him first aid and call an ambulance. (Ambulance number 166)

If necessary, call the police. (Police number 100)

Verify that the accident report is correct.

Do not forget to take full information about another car (registration number, passport data of the driver, color, and model of the car.)



DO NOT FORGET, 112 is free of charge European rescue number and can be called from any landline, from a cell phone with or without a SIM card using any available carriers at the area of signal perception. IT CAN REQUEST at the same time Police, Ambulance and Firefighting Services and personnel can assist in many major languages. WHEN is a total emergency please do not hesitate to use it!